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Bournemouth University Accommodation:

Whether you’re looking for something private, or if you’re looking to jump into dorchester house, you’ll be impressed with the wide variety of student accommodation available.

A Guide To Bournemouth For Students:

If you’re off to Bournemouth Uni, check out our City guide to help you figure out where you might want to be based. Our accommodation for students takes into account all of these factors.

Bournemouth is a fun and vibrant seaside city right on the sunny south coast! Bournemouth is known for having a great nightlife and a buzzing student atmosphere.

If you’re new to the city, our Bournemouth city guide will help you find your feet and experience the best of it.

Bournemouth students are a little more spread out than usual. There are a handful of areas that they go for the most though. These are Winton. Charminster and Ensbury Park.

Winton is probably Winton. It’s an equal distance from both universities and the town centre. Winton has a high concentration of students living here, so if you want to be near your mates, this is a good choice.

Charminster is also fairly popular. All of the uni-let houses are situated here, so you’ll find a lot of first-year students here. It’s a nice area, one drawback though is that the houses tend to be a little smaller.

Ensbury Park is very close to Bournemouth University, but it tends to be a little pricier. For this reason, students on a budget tend to look elsewhere.  The houses are quite nice in this area though, so if you want something a little fancier, this is a good place to look at.

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Bournemouth a fun and vibrant seaside city right on the sunny south coast! Bournemouth is known for having a great nightlife and a buzzing student atmosphere.

If you’re new to the city, our Bournemouth city guide will help you find your feet and experience the best of it.

Getting Around

bournemouth university student accommodation

Bournemouth is quite easy to get around. If you head towards the beach, you’ll pass by all the shops and clubs on the way. The city sort of starts at the beach and pushes out from there.

Bournemouth University’s campuses are a little spread out. There are two main campuses, the Talbot campus and the Lansdowne campus. The Talbot campus is right in the city centre, this one’s easy to find and get to. Lansdowne campus is a little further out though. Don’t worry though, the uni has a shuttle bus service between the two campuses, which comes once every 15 minutes.

The Arts University Bournemouth is right next to Bournemouth Uni’s Lansdowne campus, so follow the same bus route to get there.

If you need to get a taxi, there are taxi ranks in the city centre and each journey shouldn’t cost you much more than a fiver.

TIP: Renting a bike or riding your own is a great way to explore Bournemouth beach and do some coastal adventuring!

Things to do

Bournemouth has got loads for you to see and do.  Bournemouth is known for its picturesque scenery and lively nightlife.

The first thing to see in Bournemouth is the beach! Bournemouth’s got a huge beach that’s super close to the town centre. And when I say beach, I’m not talking about those uncomfortable stony beaches (I’m looking at you Brighton!), I’m talking about soft white sand and lovely warm water. Whilst you’re here, pop over the Bournemouth Pier. There’s tons to do there, from arcades, the rides, even huge zip-wires! There are tons of great seaside shops to check out down there as well and of course lots of tasty ice cream vans! The beach might not be ideal year-round, but you’ll still be the envy of all your beach-less mates! Deck chairs at the ready!

If you’re looking for fresh air rather than sea air, Bournemouth has loads of lovely parks for you to relax in. The Lower Gardens, Central Gardens and Upper Gardens are all amazing places to check out. The Lower Gardens is closer to the city centre, this is more of a place to hang out with mates on a sunny day. Central Gardens are better for relaxing walks. Upper Gardens are perfect for doing a bit of exploring. The gardens are filled with gorgeous streams and fountains, see what you can discover!

If you’re looking to wet your whistle, Bournemouth has loads of place to go and have a drink! If you want to be transported to an Ibiza paradise, pop over to Aruba. It’s got great views of the sea and offers up a tropical theme! The Brasshouse is a cosy, low-lit bar and a perfect place to grab a few drinks with some mates. Le Chic is a cool, modern bar with loads of cool lighting and even cooler drinks! It’s got a great atmosphere and a cool interior, what’s not to like?

Fancy a big night out? There’s plenty of choice in Bournemouth. One popular place to check out is Halo. This spacious club is inside of a renovated church. If you’re not a big fan of the whole Christianity thing, don’t worry. This place used to be a church, but now it’s clubber’s heaven! This place has an amazing atmosphere and is perfect for any EDM lovers. You’ll spot it a mile off as well, as it’s got a huge spire. Another great spot to check out is Cameo. Cameo’s a big, buzzing clubs with two floors. Cameo’s a student favourite is perfect for a big messy night. Fan of live music? Check out the Old Fire Station. This venue is a converted (you guessed it) fire station. All the big names frequent this venue and it’s got legendary status as being an awesome place to see some live music!

If you fancy grabbing a coffee, there’s a handful of great places to check out. Espresso Kitchen is a quirky little café with a stunning interior. Naked Coffee is a rustic, stripped down café (no pun intended). It’s the perfect place to kick back with a lovely cuppa. For coffee connoisseurs, check out South Coast Roast for expertly crafted brew.

If you’re a fan of sports, you’re in luck! Bournemouth AFC have had an amazing few seasons, climbing up from league two right up to the middle of the Premier League. Managed by the prophetic Eddie Howe, the Cherries have been playing amazing football in recent years. The side only ever played in league two until recently. Pop along to Dean Court to see a game, the fans have great passion for their club and games.

Eating Out

Bournemouth is a fairly big city, so you’ll find all the major restaurant chains here.

If you’re looking to share a slice with some mates, check out Pizza Gourmet. This cosy restaurant serves up delicious, homemade pizza. It’s interesting recipes and comfy setting make it an ideal spot for students. Norwegian Wood is a great place to see as well. Fancy a tasty curry? Pop along to Westbourne Tandoori house for some delicious Indian grub!

For somewhere cosy, check out The Larder House. It’s a cosy, continental-style restaurant. Perfect for a nice bit of grub after a lecture.

For vegans and vegetarians, Mad Cucumber is a great place to grab a meat-free meal! Amala Conscious Food is another good place to go to. All of their food is ethically sourced and super tasty!


Bournemouth has got loads of great shops you can visit. It’s got tons of range, from mainstream brands to quirky vintage shops. Whatever you fancy, you’ll be able to find it here!

Castlepoint is the shopping centre in Portsmouth. This place will have most of what you need; it’s filled with all the big clothes brands. Other shopping centres you can visit are the Sovereign Shopping Centre and The Avenue shopping centre.

Bournemouth also has lots of shops in the city centre for you explore. The best way to explore the high street is to start near the train station and keeping walking until you hit the beach.

If you’re looking to pick up some vintage gear, Clobber is a cool place to check out. This Is Vintage is another great place to check out if you’re looking for some old-school kit!