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Whether you’re looking for something private, or if you’re looking for student flats, you’ll be impressed with the wide variety of student accommodation available.

A Guide To Hull For Students:

If you’re off to Hull Uni, check out our City guide to help you figure out where you might want to be based. Our accommodation for students takes into account all of these factors.

If you’re new to the city, our Hull city guide will help you find your feet and experience the best of it.

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Hull has got over 20,000 students knocking about, so there lots of great houses for students to live in. There are only a couple of areas students tend to live in Hull, so renting here is relatively straightforward and stress-free!

Most students tend to rent in the Cottingham area. It’s close to the town centre and to the uni but is a bit quieter and more ‘studenty’ than other places in Hull. You’ll be close to your mates here, as Cottingham is quite student-dominated.

Another choice that students go for is Newland Avenue. Students are a little more sparsely spread here, so if you’re looking for the ‘student bubble’ you may be better off on Cottingham. Newland Avenue is where the action is at though! You’re right next to tons of clubs and shops. You’ll find that the houses will likely be a little fancier in Cottingham, but some people prefer Newland Avenues location.

Hull is a vibrant and exciting city with a long, storied history. Hull was even named as the UK City of Culture for 2017. Located in the proud county of Yorkshire, this city is known for its accent as well as its bubbly people. Ayup!

If you’re new to the city, our Hull city guide will help you find your feet and experience the best of it.

Getting Around

Hull is fairly compact, but you might want to get a bus here and there occasionally.

If you want to get to and from the city centre to the University of Hull, you can hop on the 103 or 105 services, which runs frequently.

If you’re coming back after a night out, special late night buses run and well, these are number 106 and 107. You can even get dropped right outside the main clubs if you hop on the number 106 bus on a Saturday!

TIP: Look out for student deals and discounts. There are a handful of deals students can get to reduce their fares!

In terms of getting around by taxi, there are lots of taxi ranks in the city centre and an average fare won’t cost too much.

Things to do

Hull is an incredibly old city with bags of history. There’s plenty to do and see in the city, from historical walks to great nights out!

Having a look around Victoria Pier and getting some sea air in your lungs is a great way to pass the time, especially on a lovely sunny day. If you keep walking, you’ll see the awesome aquarium, “The Deep”. The aquarium sticks out of the water like a futuristic beached submarine and is stunning to look at. Better still, inside you’ll find loads of cool fish and even sharks to have a look at!

If you fancy some fresh air, have a walk around East Park. It’s a stunning area to take a walk around and is covers over 130 acres! It’s also got a great animal education centre where you can get up close and personal with a whole host of cute animals (and tarantulas, if you’re feeling brave!). A trip to East Park wouldn’t be complete though without taking a ride in the Wicksteed Splash Boat! It was installed in 1926, making it the oldest water chute in the world! Admittedly, it isn’t really one for thrill seekers, as it’s not particularly big, but it’s a favourite of East Park patrons.

Hull’s got a lovely Old Town to explore as well. It’s full of charming little pubs and shops and is even home to the “England’s smallest window” which is a rather odd claim to fame!

If you fancy a place to wet your whistle, Hull got plenty of places to see. Hull’s pub culture is a little more pronounced than its bar culture though. Hull’s got tons of great traditional pubs to have a pint in. The Minerva is a cool historical pub with a very old-fashioned interior. If you want to experience a little bit of history whilst you drink, go to Ye Olde White Harte. It was built in 1550 and is still going strong today!

If you fancy something a little more modern, Hull has got lots of great bars to check out as well! Bar82 has got a great range of delicious cocktails. Vauxhall Tavern is a great nightspot, with an interesting décor and tasty drinks!

For a big night out, there’s a lot to do in Hull. The Welly is a favourite night out for lots of students! Atik is a good nightspot and has cheap student nights through the week. To see some great live music, head over to Piper Club. This place is especially popular with students. For LGBT students, Propaganda is a fun gay club and that even has their very own “drag DJs”! The doors stay open till 6am, so any students who want to party till the crack of dawn, this is your home! If you’re a fan of Rock (and you’re feeling brave) head over to Spiders. It has a policy of playing nothing but Rock, so if you’re sick of the typical club atmosphere, give this place a try! It’s a bit of a rite of passage to go out in Spiders, especially so for students!

If you want to find a cosy place to grab yourself a coffee at, head over to Coffee 31, Planet Coffee or Robbie Johnsons. They’re all lovely places and will soon become your regular watering holes!

If you’re a fan of sport, be sure to follow Hull City FC. They play in the Championship at the huge KC stadium. If you can get over the slightly hideous (depending on who you ask) orange and black kits, you’ll have a great time and become a proud supporter in no time!

TIP: Be sure to check out Hull Fair at Christmas. It’s a huge funfair and attracts people from all over Yorkshire!

Eating Out

Hull has got plenty of places to grab a bite to eat! Hull is fairly large, so you’ll find all of the main restaurant chains here.

Grab a huge burger from Dope Burger. They’re absolutely massive and incredibly delicious! Fancy some awesome Indian cuisine? Pop into the Madras Restaurant from some tasty curries and other lovely dishes. For some Iberian flavour, go to Ambiente Tapas to share some great Spanish food with mates. Fancy something a little different? Check out Kuchnia for some authentic Polish grub.

For vegetarians and vegans, grab a bite at Hitchcock’s. It’s a charming little restaurant with a lovely rustic feel and had a wide range of veggie dishes! It’s adventure to even get to your table, as the whole restaurant’s “junk-shop” themed. It’s maze-like and filled with loads of nooks and crannies for you to explore!


Hull is home to loads of great shops you can visit. It’s got tons of range, from mainstream brands to quirky vintage shops. Whatever you fancy, you’ll be able to find it in Hull!

The Princess Quay shopping centre will have most of what you’ll want shopping-wise! It’s actually built over water, so it looks as if it’s floating! It’s a sight to behold, but the real draw lies inside. It’s got tons of shops for you to peruse and explore as well as a huge cinema to catch the latest flicks!

If you’re a fan of vintage clothing and old-school styles, you’re in luck! There are lots of shops in Hull that will cater to your every need. Poorboy Boutique, Chinese Laundry and Beasley’s all have a great range of vintage clothes for you to choose from! Happy rummaging!